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SideQuik Laptop Document Holder SideQuik Laptop Document Holder

Save your eyes and your neck with the SideQuick document holder.

This device attaches to the back of your notebook computer without damaging it.  Slide it out, attach a document, and you are off to work.  SideQuick can also be used on the table top to hold documents. 

SideQuick Works on laptops with screen sizes 12.1" - 17".  Also works on Macintosh Crystal hard cases.

For the intense individual, purchase 2 SideQuiks.  When one side is extended, put the second SideQuik in the other side of the channels to have document holders on both sides of the screen at once!

SideQuick can be personalized!  SkinItTM makes several skins - or you can buy a pin card and upload your own image to SkinItTM for a truly custom skin! 

One SideQuick is $26.99  Purchase two for $46.99

Click here to purchase:SideQuik Laptop Document Holder

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