Our Promise

We provide uncompromising quality care and patient service.  We educate our patients about their diagnosis, injury prevention, proper diet and exercise.  Our foremost objective is to restore and maintain our patients optimal health and quality of life. 

The Chiropractors of New England Spine Institute, PC select research supported treatment techniques and remain open minded to investigational care that demonstrates promise to help those suffering.

We integrate chiropractic treatment into traditional Western healthcare to solidify relations between medical health care providers, Chiropractic physicians and complementary care practitioners.

Our practice grows through the referrals of our satisfied patients, medical and complementary care colleagues.

New England Spine Institute, PC is dedicated to educating healthcare practitioners about the indications for chiropractic care and how to optimally collaborate for the benefit of those we serve. 

Simply stated:  "Excellence in Patient Care, Interdisciplinary Relationships, Education".

Welcome to our practice.!

Matthew H. Kowalski, DC