Financial Policies

Restoring your health is our foremost objective.  Our treatment will always be rendered solely on the base of need.  Please advise us if you are unable to fulfill this policy so that we may discuss and consider alternative payment options.  We require payment at the time of service unless special arrangements have been previously made.  Our fees comply with the "usual and customary" rates for this region. We accept cash, checks and some credit cards.  For patients who are unable to pay at the time of service, special arrangements are available upon request.


REGARDING ALL INSURANCE   We cannot promise that an insurance company will pay for your care, even when it is preauthorized.  We will submit bills to your insurance carrier, but will not become involved in disputes between the insured and the insurance company.  This courtesy will commence as soon as we are able to confirm coverage for chiropractic services and have the proper, signed insurance forms.  Payment of non-covered and services balances, co-payments and deductibles is expected at the time of services.  We strongly urge you to contact the insurance company to verify your benefits; sometimes incorrect information is provided to us.


If an insurance company fails to pay for services within ninety days, the patient / guardian is responsible for payment. Ultimately, the patient / guardian is responsible for all outstanding balances.  If the insurance company erroneously pays directly to the insured, the amount shall be forwarded to this office within three days.


MEDICARE:  Medicare pays for only a portion of chiropractic services and limits the number of reimbursable treatments.  Reimbursable care is limited to spinal manipulation and does not include other therapies, services and goods that may be necessary during care.  Medicare will not pay for an initial examination, therefore, this fee will be collected at the initial consultation.  Please be advised of the following Medicare restrictions and regulations.

·         Medicare will pay for a maximum number of treatments per calendar year, based on your diagnosis.  When the maximum number of treatments has been rendered, payment is expected at the time of service.

·         Medicare will not pay for an initial examination.  This fee is the patient's responsibility and will not apply to the patient's deductible.


PERSONAL INJURY, WORKER'S COMPENSATION AND/OR LITIGATION:  If your complaint is the result of an occupational or automobile accident, or if litigation is pending, please notify us.  If an attorney is involved, patients are required to sign a Physician's Lien that will be forwarded to the attorney for signature.  If we do not receive the signed lien from the attorney within fourteen days, all services must be paid for by the patient at the time rendered.  It is our policy to bill the insurance company directly and will provide the attorney with a monthly statement.


Instances will arise when we exhaust all reasonable efforts to secure payment from your insurance company, but the insurance company refuses payment.  We will do our best to assist you in securing payment, but all balances are ultimately your responsibility.


In fairness to our patients who do pay for service, after reasonable efforts on our part to obtain payment, we will solicit the services of a collection agency if necessary.